On-Site Cemetery Engraving.

Have a date or inscription that needs to be added to an existing memorial? 

Parmer Monument & Stone will bring the necessary equipment to do the work on site. This ensures that your investment will not be accidentally damaged during transport. Call for quotes.

Bronze Refinishing

Cleaning and Restoration

If you have older monuments in an existing cemetery, we specialize in bringing them back to their original beauty.

We will also take an existing cemetery lot and revitalize the entire space, and we can refinish older bronze markers back to the original shine and luster.

Parmer Monument Cemetery Lot Wall

Cemetery Wall Construction

If your family plot is in a cemetery that allows walls, we are experts in building that wall you and your family will be proud of. 

 Let Parmer Monument & Stone give you a custom quote on how much it will cost to make that happen.

Personalized Services for Your Monuments